A viral video has emerged online capturing the terrifying moment a pavement explodes.

Filmed in Amsterdam, a large power outage was reported by Dutch newspaper Nu on March 9.

As a result of a cable being hit, the explosion underneath the pavement occurred and sent out a large plume of fire into the street.

It makes for a scary watch as people walk by just seconds beforehand.

Seconds later, the pavement collapses in and a huge fireball explodes upwards

As people walk across the pavement, a cafe with tables and seats can be seen whilst a man is up a ladder.

One man narrowly avoids injury as he walks quickly, only for steam to start seeping through the cracks,

Seconds later, the pavement collapses in and a huge fireball explodes upwards.

The worker is then knocked from his ladder onto the floor and quickly flees the scene.

WATCH: Exploding pavement causes busy street to collapse - but what happens next?Imgur/VVSWkSb

Viral video explosion: A pavement erupts into a huge fireball

Nu newspaper reports that two people were taken to hospital with burn injuries, with it not yet known if the problem has been fixed.

Having been viewed online over 660,000 times on Imgur, many online users were shocked at the accident.

One remarked: “The lifting of the sidewalk right before the event…whoa!”

Another joked: “Portal to hell open for business.”

Viral video explosionImgur/VVSWkSb

Viral video explosion: Steam starts seeping from the paving slabs in Amsterdam


Viral video explosionImgur/VVSWkSb

Viral video explosion: It then erupts into huge flames, knocking a man from his ladder

It isn’t the first time a scary explosion caused chaos, with one lorry being the cause of the accident.

The video shows the lorry driving along w motorway, being filmed by the camera behind.

He has a lot of snow on the top of his lorry, before driving under a bridge.

What happens next thankfully doesn’t cause any injuries.

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