Sinkholes are a terrifying prospect as they can form in any place at any given time.

Many people around the world have been sucked into them as the ground opens up without any warning.

Two men on a boat also found this out, as they were out sailing.

The sinkhole even drains the entire lake before they were pulled into it.

viral video sinkhole boatImgur

A viral video shows the scary moment a sinkhole sucks a boat from a lake

The entire lake is emptied, with many fish appearing to be in distress around them

The video, which has had over 170,000 views on Imgur, shows the sinkhole opening up on the lake in Brazil as the tiny rowboat is pulled towards it.

The entire lake is emptied, with many fish appearing to be in distress around them.

However, the two men are then pulled into it as they attempt to avoid it before they jump out onto the boggy land.

They then appear to be stranded in the middle whilst the rest of the ground is sucked into it, before being rescued later according to reports.

viral video sinkhole boatImgur

The video shows the boat being sucked in with all of the lake water

Viewers on Imgur were confused why they waited so long to escape.

One questioned: “I’d like to think I’d be in a bigger hurry to exit that boat then these two.”

Another user asked: “They don’t look nearly as freaked out as they should be, drowning in a mud hole is less sexy than it sounds.”

Others found it much funnier, writing: “Mother Earth got the munchies.”

viral video sinkhole boat

The video shows the men eventually escape the boat from the sinkhole

Man is not made to be on the water, so it can be terrifying when caught in unknown weather conditions.

One sailor was filming when he was out at sea only to nearly be hit by lightning.

The video captured the moment the purple bolt struck the boat.

Luckily no one was hurt.

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