ryanair flight delay cancelled france

Ryanair has cancelled 110 flights due to the recent air-traffic controller strikes in France

Ryanair has had to cancel many of their flights which is to affect 20,000 passengers.

The strike in France is a result of President Emmanuael Macron’s plans to change labour laws in the country which have been met with controversy.

The changes mean bosses would be able to negotiate working rules and regulations with employees instead of answering to a larger industry body.

France’s biggest trade union CGT union is behind the mass walkout, after calling Macron’s reforms, “dangerous for employees and their representatives”.

Many British holidaymakers may be questioning whether they are to be affected.

Unfortunately, further flight delays and cancellations are likely

Ryanair website

Passengers flying from London Stansted airport are to expect cancellations and delays, with those travelling to Barcelona, Bergerac, Blagnac, Bordeaux, Limoges, Madrid, Marseille, Palma and Perpignan being caught in the chaos.

However, other flights from Luton and Manchester may also be affected.

A statement on the Ryanair website reads: ”Unfortunately, further flight delays and cancellations are likely and customers are asked to please monitor this notice which will be updated throughout the day.”

ryanair flight delay cancelled france

Ryanair passengers are to be affected over the next few days (stock image)

Ryanair’s marketing director Kenny Jacobs spoke out about the misery to be faced by passengers: “Enough is enough.

“If the French government is serious about changing France, they should start by tackling these air traffic control unions, and together with the European Commission, should take immediate action to prevent thousands of European consumers from having their travel plans disrupted by a tiny group of ATC unions going on strike once again.”

British Airways passengers will also be affected, as the airline cancels twelve of their flights due to the strikes.

The website states: “Unfortunately, if the threatened strike does go ahead, we are likely to cancel some flights as a result of the strike action and other short-haul flights may also experience some disruption, given how many flights from numerous European airlines would normally use French airspace each day.

“If you are due to fly to or from any French airport as well as Barcelona on Tuesday 12 September, regardless of whether your flight is operating, you can bring your flight forward up to and including Monday 11 September or move it back to a date up to and including Thursday 14 September.”

ryanair flight delay cancelled france

Ryanair has warned over 20,000 passengers could be affected

Ryanair passengers should also check the low-cost airline’s policies when it comes to hand-luggage.

Anyone flying with them from 1 November will no longer be able to take their luggage with them into the cabin unless they pay for priority boarding.

The crackdown is hoping to reduce flight delays as many passengers bring bags that break the size regulation.

However, those who regularly fly with the airline may not be happy with the additional costs.

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