jet lag cure flight attendant

Jet lag cures have been revealed by flight attendants who battle it daily

Jet lag can be one of the worst things to ruin a holiday, with the first few days of the trip spent adjusting to the time zone.

Flight attendants regularly experience it due to their job in travel meaning switching time zones almost daily.

However, their line of work also means that they need to remain switched on when working for a flight.

It has recently been revealed how they battle it to stay on top form.

If it is Europe then we get the time zone somewhere in the middle

Shreyas P

Shreyas P, a flight attendant on online forum Quora,  explained one of the main ways in which flight attendants attempt to beat the dreaded jet lag.

He stated: “We don’t try to completely adjust to the time zones. 

“If it is Europe then we get the time zone somewhere in the middle. 

“If you are used to sleeping at 11pm and in London it will mean 4pm, we will try to sleep at 6–7pm London time.

“If you are used to waking up at 8am and in Europe it may mean 12am then give your body a bit more rest and wake up around 4 am Europe time zone.”

jet lag cure flight attendant

Jet lag can be stopped by using this ingenious method revealed by a flight attendant

He also suggested the usual tips for jet lag such as drinking water, although he suggested to “drink warm water too since the aircraft atmosphere and hotel rooms are super dry.”

Others include keeping up with light exercise and having a bath before sleeping to ensure a deep sleep.

It’s also recently been revealed some of the bizarre rules for flight attendants around the world.

From height to weight, they have to abide by some strict regulations in order to fly with certain airlines.

jet lag cure flight attendant

Jet lag can also be beaten by drinking plenty of warm water and having a bath before sleeping

One of the weirdest rules is to partake in mandatory kung fu training with Hong Kong Airlines.

This is to stop flight attendants being put at risk by violent passengers.

Jet Airways also provide an odd rule, where ‘lower level’ cabin crew members aren’t allowed to be married.

Only older and more experienced crew members are allowed to have a husband or wife.

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