Airport duty free spending money

Airports: Passengers spend more money thanks to a clever trick

Airports can be both exciting and stressful, spending on the traveller who is flying through.

Whilst it is the exciting start to a holiday, it can quickly change when a flight is delayed or cancelled.

Passengers can then be forced to spend hours waiting for their flight in the airport lounges.

What many may not realise is that airports have a clever way to make passengers spend more money.

With airport food and drink already being rather pricey, it comes as a shock for frequent fliers.

Food stand Twisted Root burger joint found sales to rocket by 102 per cent year on year

Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Texas installed new glass windows near some of their departure gates.

The “smart glass” filters out the sun, reducing the heat and the glare and making passengers more comfortable.

Yet a side effect of this is passengers then spending more money on the food.

Food stand Twisted Root burger joint found sales to rocket by 102 per cent year on year after the glass was installed next to it.

This may have been because fliers are able to stay in the area longer whilst it is cooler.

Airport duty free spending money

Airports: A new smart glasses relaxes passengers and gets them to spend more money

Dwell rate for passengers increased by 83 per cent whilst the temperature in the area decreased by 10 to 15 degrees.

Sean Donohue, CEO at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, told Daily Mail: “DFW is the world’s largest carbon neutral airport, and we are constantly evaluating new technologies and solutions throughout the airport to identify improvements for customer experience and sustainability.

“We were very pleased to see the positive effect on the customer experience and how the glass changed customer behaviour with less glare and cooler temperatures.”

It isn’t the only way airports have realised there is a way to make passengers spend more money when spending time in the building.

Having carpets has also had a strong effect on spending, surprisingly.

Airport duty free spending money

Airports: A food stand reported a 102 per cent increase YoY after the new glass

A study found that a carpet is seen as much more relaxing than wooden floors at airports, meaning it can have a soothing effect on passengers.

People then then spent 7 per cent more on retail items and 10 per cent more in Duty-Free if they felt much calmer.

An average of £82 is spent per person when in an airport, bumping up the price of a holiday very quickly.

A way to reduce this is to take an empty water bottle through to the terminal.

Many may not realise that with a number of free taps past airport security, it can be refilled for free.

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